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No bond costs, free insurance for first time buyers

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Standard Bank Home Loans With the property market slowing down, it is not unusual to find the banks launching new campaigns such as Standard Bank's First Time Buyer promotion to boost their home loan business. The new home loan campaign aims to encourage First Time Home Buyers to enter the property market, at a time when sellers are often forced to lower their asking prices. Standard Bank Home Loans are offering all first time buyers an opportunity to save on their bond registration costs, and their homeowners and life insurance costs. But home loan consultants warn that although you may save on costs in the short term, Standard Bank are not offering the best interest rates currently, and you

3 Solutions to beat High Interest Rates

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Home Loan Tips: With interest rates so high currently many people will find themselves going through tough times financially. What we don't realize is that this statement holds many reasons to be grateful for. The fact that you are going THROUGH your struggle, and not being overcome by it, means that you are successfully managing your finances to settle your monthly bond installments and other loan agreements. Every month that you are able to pay your loan repayments is a small victory leading your one step at a time towards becoming BOND FREE and Debt Free. With those victories under your belt you can begin to have a brighter outlook on your current financial situation. And in the meantime

The Question of two interest rates

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Mortgage/HomeLoan Tips In a Moneyweb PowerHour show a listener called in to ask a very interesting question about interest rates in South Africa. After several interest rates hikes over the past 12 months the caller asked – “Isn't it time [The South African Reserve Bank] split the interest rates into two, one into interest on purchasing of homes or property, and one into consumer credit, so as to punish the consumer who is blowing his money on debt and to encourage the consumer to purchase into a tangible asset.” The question raises a very interesting point about borrowing money. In SA, banks borrow money from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and are charged interest on those loans. The

There’s an army of Wealth Creators waiting in your Homeloan Barracks

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Every Rand that you are able to invest into your Home Loan is like a small soldier / builder that is just waiting to begin earning you more money. If every Rand you invest is like your personal employee [who specialises in making more money] you should have thousands of 'employees' waiting in your Homeloan - looking for work. Now for once you’re able to reverse the roles, and begin to make your HomeLoan work for you!

Find out what you need to do, to secure your homeloan finance

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Home Loan Advice: everything you ask for, you will receive Previously I explained that the first step to getting a homeloan and owning a new property is to: Find out what it is you really want. Make sure you have a clear picture in your mind of that new house you want to live in. Once you know what type of house you want and what area that you want to live in, the next step is to calculate what your new house would cost. Check the prices of similar sized properties in that area and ask your private bond consultant to work out what the monthly home loan repayments would be on that loan amount. For many potential

Activate your bargaining power by switching your homeloan for a lower rate

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Mortgage Advice: Switch my home loan As an existing homeowner you have bargaining power. Over the years your property value has risen sharply while your bond has grown smaller - it's time to use your bargaining power to secure a lower interest rate and save on bond repayments. Let's look at why and how to switch your mortgage and secure an even lower rate. The Background: The South African Home Loans industry is a highly competitive market. This is good news for homeowners since the banks are competing to secure your business, and therefore they're more inclined to offer lower interest rates and better value added products. About 5 or 6 years ago the banks held the advantage over

This Mortgage Tip is worth more than R100k to you

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Home Loans South Africa: Tips to Save you Thousands The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest – Albert Einstein You’re about to learn how to reduce the interest paid on your bond and save more than R100k over the term of the loan. Jason Bagley (visit his website) asks a question which I believe could help many South African homeowners save money. He posted a question (here), asking whether it would be better to take out a 30 year homeloan but repay the loan based on what a 20 year loan would cost. Wouldn’t you save more? Firstly, Jason is already on the right track here. The first step to building personal wealth is to reduce