What Is An Access Bond?

Access Bonds are by far the most popular type of home loan currently available. An Access Bond is very much like an ordinary home loan except it has an added saving benefit attached to it. The savings portion of this type of home loan, allows you to pay extra funds Read more…

Its Time To Begin Saving A Home Loan Deposit

You may not need one right now, but it is time to begin saving for a deposit if you intend to buy a new home in the coming years. Comments from the heads of ABSA Home Loans & Nedbank Home Loans suggest that buyers will soon require a large deposit to qualify for a home loan.

Best Advice For Any First Time Home Buyer

The tips provided in this article are designed to assist your decision making. Consider these points carefully and you WILL advance into a life of financial freedom, by using the full investment potential available in your new property.

Should banks incentivize clients to pay their home loans?

Insurance companies have introduced it, many other industries use it, why then haven’t our local banks introduced a refund or bonus system into their home loan products? The idea is quite simple really, if it costs a lot of time and money to repossess a property why not incentivize your clients to maintain their bond accounts.


Home Loans: FNB One Account The FNB one account was one of the first Home Loan products of its kind available in South Africa. The FNB One Account consolidates multiple accounts into one single account. The One Account is not only a Home Loan / Mortgage Account but it is Read more…

How much Home Loan do I qualify for?

The question of qualifying for a bond is one that most buyers ask. Let’s explore the factors that determine how much homeloan you’ll qualify for. 1. Your Income        3. Loan Term 2. Interest Rates     4. The Banks’ lending policy Monthly Income As you may expect your monthly income is the single most Read more…