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Who is SA’s biggest Home Loan provider?

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The HomeLoan market is the largest credit market in South Africa and when it comes to applying for a mortgage we are almost spoiled for choice. But who is South Africa's largest Mortgage Provider currently? [Read More...]

Standard Bank Access Bond

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Home Loans have changed a lot in recent years, banks now offer home owners a range of different types of bonds. Each type of home loan has its advantages and disadvantages, and therefore to ensure you're making the right choice you'll need to know what each product offers. Types of Home Loans: Access Bonds A Standard Bank Access Bond offers you a unique and effective money management facility. The Access Bond allows you to access any surplus funds in your home loan account. With this home loan product you'll be able to deposit into and withdraw any extra funds from your mortgage account to any linked account. The benefits of an Access Bond: Because interest on a home loan

Getting the Best Bond Deal

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Home Loan Tips The South African homeloan market has grown rapidly over the past year, and consumers are now almost spoilt for choice when it comes to applying for a mortgage. Although FNB, ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank remain the four largest SA Bond lenders, other large companies are beginning to put pressure on the BIG FOUR. Sanlam and Old Mutual Home Loans are growing fast and Standard Chartered Bank, an international bank based in London, are now also offering home loan products to South Africans. With so much to choose from how can you ensure that you’re getting the best bond deal? 1. Invest Wisely: In most cases your bond is going to be your largest single investment

Essential Home Loan Insurance

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Home Loan Tips Home and Bond insurance is a vital part of your home loan investment, but few home owners are aware of their options or the different kind of bond insurance policies available in South Africa. Let’s explore the types of home loan and life assurance policies being offered by the four largest home loans providers in South Africa. Life Assurance / Mortgage Insurance Before you are granted a home loan, many banks and specialist mortgage provides may request that you cede a life assurance policy to the lender. This policy covers the outstanding balance on the home loan at anytime. Mortgage Insurance protects the bank and your family as it settles the balance owing on the loan

Standard Bank Home Loans

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Standard Bank is one of South Africa, biggest mortgage lenders and it offers home owners and first time home buyers some of the best home loan products. You could apply for a first time home loan of up to 108% (LTV – loan to value). Home Loan options available from Standard Bank: JumpStart – ideal to first time home buyers This home loan product gives you the opportunity to buy a home even without a deposit. If you looking to purchase you’re a home but do not have enough money to pay of the registration costs then JumpStart is perfect for you. When purchasing a home one of your most important requirements is to find the money for the