Standard Bank Home Loans

Your Online Bond Originator

SA Mortgage / Bond Origination Explained: Shopping round for the best Bond deal can be very time consuming and frustrating. And since your mortgage is one of the biggest financial commitments you want to be use you’re getting the lowest rate. Bond Originators have completely changed the way South Africans are applying for their mortgage […]

Standard Bank JumpStart Home Loans

108% Mortgages for First-Time home buyers from Standard Bank If you’ve never owned a home before and are looking to purchase a property for the first time, you’re often referred to as a First-Time Home Buyer. First-Time Home Buyers usually have similar problems and therefore the banks have developed mortgage solutions specifically for this type […]

Your Home Loan – How to Save Thousands

Whether interest rates are going up or down the importance of taking an active interest in managing your home loan can not be overstated, and you’re about is find out why – now! For one of many reasons you decide that you need to lower your expenses and find some way of saving yourself some […]

Does your Old HomeLoan still suit your needs?

The top Mortgage Providers in South Africa are the Four big Banks – FNB, Standard, Nedbank and ABSA – and each of them are competing fiercely to secure a big piece of the lucrative SA home loans pie. The competition between these banks and other mortgage providers in South Africa has resulted in many new […]

The growing presence of Female Property Buyers

SA Property News: The latest figures from some of the biggest SA Mortgage lenders are reflecting the increased presence of female homeowners in the local property market. Early this year FNB home loans reported that about 20 percent of the property buyers in the last quarter of 2005 were women that number has continued to […]

Home Loans now more expensive

Home Loans News: As from today, Home Loans have become slightly less affordable following the decision by the South African Reserve Bank to increase interest rates by 0.5%. Nedbank and FNB will rise their prime lending rate to 11.5% as from today while Standard Bank and ABSA clients’ rates were raised as from the 4th […]

Finding the best Home Loan for first-time buyers

An easy to understand guide to Home Loan products designed for first-time buyers from FNB, ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank. Most of people dream of owning their own properties but when it comes to finding finance for that first house they’re often overwhelmed by jargon and confused by the various options. Shopping around for a […]

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