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2006-01-19T02:08:27+02:00October 19th, 2005|Home Loan News, SA Home Loans|

Home Loans News: SA Home Loans Speaking in an interview with the Business Report, Kevin Penwarden, chief executive of SA Home Loans explains how his company remains competitive in a growing market. SA Home Loans grants mortgages based on the Johannesburg Interbank Acceptance Rate (JIBAR) which is similar to the mortgage rate normal banks use to issue home loans. Until recently SA Home Loans have enjoy the advantage of a JIBAR rate which has been 2% below the prime lending rate used by most banks. The JIBAR is now only 1.5% below prime which means that the Banks, who are able to offer their clients up to 2% below, are starting to attract many more clients. When asked how

ABSA launches new Home Loan facility

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In the News: ABSA Home Loans Absa, one the largest providers of SA Home Loans, has launched a brand new Gold facility option. Designed to ease debt consolidation. This new mortgage product is a home loan and a cheque account in one, which can be accessed through ABSA internet banking. The Gold facility has a single management fee that covers everyday transactions. As most investors will know, one advantage of having a home loan is that you can consolidate your credit card and other debts into your mortgage account. Interest rates charged on home loans are much lower than other accounts and in this way you can save thousands in interest charges. Says Rodger Dunn, managing executive of the

SA Home Loans set new record

2005-12-27T16:18:44+02:00September 16th, 2005|Home Loan News, SA Home Loans|

In the News: Sa Home Loans Despite facing a number of minor setbacks over the past year, SA Home Loans has managed to increase its new business by between 20 percent and 25 percent. Talking to the Business Day, SA Home Loans Chief Executive Kevin Penwarden said, the companies increase in new business and largely due to the development of value-added products which are backed up by good service. R2 Billion Worth of Home Loan Applications As a result Sa Home Loans have received a record R2 billion worth of home loan applications in the August this year, easily beating the previous record of R1.6 billion set in November 2004. Over the past year SA Home Loans has raised