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SA mortgage management tips that will save you thousands – #2

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In the first part of this home loan management series we explained that the first step to saving thousands on your home loan repayment is to pay off your HIGH INTEREST debts first. You may need to increase your existing mortgage to consolidate these debts into one low interest bond account. Once you've identified and eliminated other debts you can begin to put a little extra into your bond account every month. Tip #2: Increase your monthly bond installments slightly Even if it is as little as R100 extra a month, the more you pay into your bond, the sooner it can be settled. A bond of R450 000, at 12% over 20 years, requires a minimum repayment of

SA Mortgage management tips that will save you thousands

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Mortgage SA Home Loans Tips: In this 4 part series we take a look at the best tips to managing your mortgage and saving thousands on interest and other payments. The first step to cutting your mortgage repayment by thousands is not to begin paying extra into your bond every month, in fact for most homeowners the first step to saving is actually to apply for a further bond or mortgage re-advance [click here to apply]. Tip #1: Eliminate all Short-Term debts Your home loan is your cheapest form of debt and there is no point in reducing that, without first paying off other debt with higher interest rates. In most cases, interest on your credit, store cards and

Mortgage Re-advances

2006-10-31T08:23:35+02:00October 31st, 2006|Home Loan Features, Home Loan Tips, Mortgage SA, SA Home Loans|

SA Home Loans Tips Home Loan Readvances offer you an opportunity to secure a large loan amount at a very low interest rate. A Home Loan Readvance allows you to borrow all or part of the portion of your Mortgage you’ve already repaid. The process is much faster than applying for a Further Loan (or 2nd Bond), and it has the extra benefit in that you’ll be paying a very low interest rate on that loan amount. If you’re considering doing some renovations to your home or if you’re looking for a loan for a holiday trip, it makes more sense to apply for a Mortgage Readvance and secure a low interest loan then to apply for a personal

Beat the Interest Rate Hike

2007-11-12T11:01:30+02:00October 16th, 2006|Home Loan Features, Home Loan News, Home Loan Tips, Mortgage SA, SA Home Loans|

South African Home Loan tips: The major SA mortgage lenders have raised their prime lending rates from 11.5% to 12% following the announcement from the South African Reserve Bank that it will be increasing the Repo rate by 50 basis points. This means that for a R300 000 South African Home Loan you will now be paying about R100 extra every month - in interest - towards your bond. But here’s how you can beat the interest rate hike, and save thousands. Compare the Numbers: Looking at the figures below you’ll notice that with an interest rate of 11% (1% below prime), on a bond of R300 000 you’ll be paying almost R50 000 extra over the term of

Home Loans South Africa

2007-10-09T09:46:23+02:00October 13th, 2006|Home Loan News, Home Loan Tips, Mortgage SA, SA Home Loans|

5 ways to save thousands on your South African Home Loan repayments and pay it off quicker For most South Africans Home Loans are often the biggest financial commitment they'll ever have, but it doesn't have to restrict your lifestyle. You're about to find out how to get your Mortgage to work for you, and how you can save yourself thousands. Home Loans South Africa #1 Monitor Interest Rates: As a homeowner you should be consistently monitoring interest rate movements. Only about 5% of all bond are fixed, which means most South African Home Loans are exposed to the benefits and dangers of variable rates. If the Reserve Bank is about to announce a huge interest rate hike it

Your Online Bond Originator

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SA Mortgage / Bond Origination Explained: Shopping round for the best Bond deal can be very time consuming and frustrating. And since your mortgage is one of the biggest financial commitments you want to be use you’re getting the lowest rate. Bond Originators have completely changed the way South Africans are applying for their mortgage finance. By applying through a mortgage originator you’re more likely to secure a better interest rate on your bond and you’ll definitely get your bond approval quicker. A Bond Originator offers you: A single point of contact when applying to all the major banks. Assurance that you’ll get the best deal on your mortgage. Discounts on your Bond Registration Costs, which could be a

SA Home Loans Interest Only

2007-10-15T13:37:38+02:00October 3rd, 2006|Home Loan News, Home Loan Tips, Mortgage SA, SA Home Loans|

Best Mortgage advice: It’s all over TV, the Radio and the internet and it’s sparked your interest, now you want to know more about the SA Home Loans Interest only option. Let me begin by saying that SA HomeLoans is not really looking out for the client’s best interest with this scheme. They’re offering you the option of paying off only the interest option of your bond installments every month. Remember, When some financial scheme sounds too good to be true it probably is no good. Take a closer look at this type of Mortgage product and alarm bells will begin to ring. In the first few years of your bond your monthly repayments consist mostly of interest repayments.