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A SUPER-LO Homeloan that rewards you for your loyalty

2008-10-29T13:55:55+02:00October 29th, 2008|Home Loan News, SA Home Loans, Types Of Home Loans|

At last, a Home Loan provider that rewards you for your loyalty. SA Home Loans’: Super-Lo Mortgage Types of Home Loans: SUPER-LO HomeLoan I have always wondered what incentives do I, as a home loan client, have to stay with my current mortgage lender. For instance, I am able to switch my home loan to a different bank and negotiate a lower interest rate on my bond at anytime. By doing this every couple of years I will greatly reduce the interest paid over the full term of the loan and shorten my monthly repayments. My Bank knows this, they know that at any time we can go to their competitors and request a better rate. Yet, they don’t

3 Reasons to switch to SA Home Loans

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Most home loan providers in South Africa lend money based on the Prime Interest Rate and have been forced to increase their rates due to the consistent rise in prime rates over the past 6 months. SA Home Loans (SAHL) is not a bank, they are Home Loan specialists and their lending rates are based on the JIBAR rate (definition). SAHL rates are at times offered at less than the Prime lending rate...

How will the recent Interest Rate hike affect you?

2007-08-17T11:15:56+02:00August 17th, 2007|Home Loan News, Home Loan Tips, Mortgage SA, Property News, SA Home Loans|

Property and Mortgage News: Interest Rates On Thursday, August 16 the South African Reserve Bank announced another hike in interest rates, taking the prime lending rate from 13.0% to 13.5% This means, someone with a home loan of R500 000 taken out in June 2006 at the prime-lending rate of 10.5% now pays R1 045 a month more than in June 2006 to service that debt, following the Thursday's rate hike - the sixth consecutive one in this cycle. Although, interest rate hikes almost always creates a slow down in the South African property market, I prefer to maintain a positive perspective. Many times you only become aware of your needs when you are placed in a tough situation.

One Stop Home Loan Solution

2010-04-22T14:18:06+02:00February 26th, 2007|ABSA Home Loans, FNB Home Loans, Home Loan Features, Home Loan News, Home Loan Tips, Mortgage SA, Nedbank Home Loans, Old Mutual Home Loans, Property News, SA Home Loans, Sanlam Home Loans, Standard Bank Home Loans, Standard Chartered Bank|

For New and Existing Home Loans, Further Bonds and all Debt Consolidation finance SA Bond Originator: Property Loans offers you an ALL-in-One Bond Origination Service. Shopping around for the best home loan interest rate can be very time consuming and since you homeloan is probably the biggest financial commitment you'll ever have its important to ensure that you're getting the best bond deal currently available. 4 Things to look for when searching for the best home loan package: 1: Super Low Interest Rate Our mortgage Consultants will send you home loan application to all the major bond providers in South Africa - including: ABSA, FNB, STD Bank, Nedbank and SA Home Loans 2: Discounted Bond Costs We are able

Don’t lower your repayments when rates drops

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Home Loans: Mortgage Tips After eliminating your Short Term debt, slightly increasing your monthly bond repayment and paying one or two lump sums into your home loan account you will already be well on your way to cutting your total bond repayments by thousands and paying it off sooner. The next step to complete Mortgage Management is to maintain your current monthly repayment amount even while interest rates are dropping. Step 4: Don't lower your home loan repayments when interest rates drop Currently only about 5% of all South Africans have fixed rates on their home loans, which means most of us are exposed to the movements of the prime interest rate. Homeowners feel the pinched when rates are