Home Loans: 20 year bonds vs 30 years

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients is whether they should apply for a 20 year bond, or whether they should extend their home loan term up to the maximum of 30 years. There are number of advantages and disadvantages to each type of bond, Read more…

What Bond Do I Qualify For?

When it comes to home loans the type of Bond you will qualify for can vary quite a lot. Some of the factors that will determine what bond you qualify for include: your income; the type of property you’re buying; or your nationality. Home Loans For Affordable Housing Clients Currently Read more…

Banks’ Present Interest Rate Offerings

Over and above securing the actual capital finance for a new property purchase, it is important to understand the range of interest rates banks are presently financing at and how the personal aspects of your application can affect the interest rate offered on your home loan. Some important factors that Read more…

Prime Interest Rate Cut to 10% in March 2010

On March 25th, 2010 the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) cut interest rates by 0.5%.The prime rate moved from 10.5% to 10%. The Prime Interest Rate is used by the major banks on their home loan products. How Does This Interest Rate Cut Affect Your Pocket?

Review My Home Loan

The wonderful thing about having several ways to manage your finances is that you only need one of them to work for you to break free of bad debt, and turn a tough situation into a successful one.

There’s an army of Wealth Creators waiting in your Homeloan Barracks

Every Rand that you are able to invest into your Home Loan is like a small soldier / builder that is just waiting to begin earning you more money.
If every Rand you invest is like your personal employee [who specialises in making more money] you should have thousands of ’employees’ waiting in your Homeloan – looking for work. Now for once you’re able to reverse the roles, and begin to make your HomeLoan work for you!