Speedup your Home Loans Application

Online Home Loan applications have dramatically sped to the home loans process.
In the past a home loan application would consist of about 20 pages and it had to be carted around to everyone involved in the registration process. Important documents regular went missing, further delaying the process.

Apply for a Home Loan online

By using a mortgage originator like Goldburn Mortgage, IBO Home Loans or Mortgage SA you will not only save time in getting your home loan approved by you will also end up saving thousands on your bond repayments.

Online Home Loan Applications

International Online shopping has grown consistently over the past few months and the online home loans market is no exception. More and more property buyers are realizing the convenience of applying for home loans online.

Owning a Home

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of owning your home in South Africa.
The past decade has seen many changes in South Africa and the SA home loans market has gone through many ups and down, but the industry remains healthy and property prices are consistently increasing.

SA Home Loans: First-time Home Buyers

There is an increasing trend in South Africa that is seeing youths entering property market at a much earlier age. These youths are mostly first-time home buyers, applying for their first home loan, who have been renting for a short while and feel the need to invest in a property of their own.

Unlock your Home Loan Piggy Bank

Property prices have increased about 20% – 30% over the past year but according to economists this current boom will not continue for much longer despite recent changes in property taxes announced in the budget speech.

Better Interest Rates

Because we have a strong relationship with all the major banks we are able to negotiate a lower rate on your bond – which will save you thousands over the term of the home loan.