Home Loans: FNB One Account

FNB ONE ACCOUNTThe FNB one account was one of the first Home Loan products of its kind available in South Africa. The FNB One Account consolidates multiple accounts into one single account.

The One Account is not only a Home Loan / Mortgage Account but it is also your cheque account, overdraft and/or personal loan. The benefit is that you are charged a single interest rate on all your loan accounts. The rates is much lower than other credit credit or personal loan accounts.

The FNB ONE ACCOUNT features include:

  • A chequebook, cheque card, debit card and petrol card for all your transactional purposes.
  • A single monthly statement which reflects all your account balances
  • One facility that brings all your finances together in one account
  • The ability to borrow against your home loan without applying for credit
  • The interest rate is prime-related and you can repay your debt over 20 years
  • Increased repayments will result in decreasing interest charges
  • And you can earn free eBucks simply by using your One Account facility

To qualify for an FNB ONE ACCOUNT you’ll need:

  • An annual income of at least R350 000 (joint or individual)
  • A minimum property value of R300 000
  • A monthly income (which must be paid into the One Account)
  • A valid South African ID document

To apply for an FNB HOME LOAN, complete the short form online and a home loan consultant will contact you.